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About the Project

Project background
European countries are facing different challenges:

  • High rates of university drop-outs
  • Skill shortages in many professions

In order to address these challenges, programs are being developed that are intended to provide vocational education and training (VET) for university drop-outs.

  • Some countries such as Germany have started to put initiatives into place which aim at integrating drop-outs into the VET system.
  • Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, this ambition is related to the development of a dual system.
  • In some countries, networks among job centers, student advisory services and chambers have been generated which advise drop-outs on their way into VET.

The basic idea of these networks is to bring together stakeholders from different educational sectors: Universities and student advisory services from the academic sector and VET professionals, employers and social partners from the vocational sector.

Project goals
The main pillar of support offered by this project is the development of an online-tool, which allows university drop-outs

  1. to document their learning outcomes in relation to the learning contents in vocational training curricula
  2. to find possible options in VET by answering a questionnaire of interests.

This project addresses the following variety of target groups.
From the academic sector:

  • university drop-outs
  • students who are still enrolled at university but who feel insecure about their further career and who run the risk of leaving university without a degree
  • student advisory services
  • other departments at universities that are in contact with students

From the VET and economic sectors:

  • companies that offer VET
  • VET schools and professionals
  • social partners
  • chambers of commerce and industry

From the employment market:

  • job centers
  • career services
  • coaches and institutions dealing with the assessment of competences

In addition, this project addresses networks of these stakeholders in European countries.


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